Shadowfax (LFS server) is in need for a new home

Petre Daniel dani at
Wed Oct 23 15:38:10 PDT 2002

i am offering a romanian a 512 kbps outside connection and a 10 
mbps romanian link.
plenty of space,some domains..

On Wed, 23 Oct 2002, Ian Molton wrote:

> On Wed, 23 Oct 2002 22:00:28 +0000 (UTC)
> gerard at (Gerard Beekmans) wrote:
> > Hi guys,
> > 
> > Shadowfax, the main server, is in trouble.
> Oshit.
> > As you can see, LFS needs a new home. We've tried contacting some ISPs
> > but nothing worked out. Either we don't get a response at all, or a
> > rejection.
> Id offer, but I have only a DSL line...
> of course, if the LFS community want to sponsor me a new SDSL 8MBit
> line...
> > though cutting out FTP and HTTP will probably leave us with only a few
> > dozen MB's a day. Email doesn't take all that much).
> Why not just do it anyhow? all the packages we use are hosted in decent
> places anyway.
> > While LFS will be limping around a bit (pardon the pun) I'm requestion
> > assistance from you LFS'ers. Is there anybody on this list who is able
> > to co-locate the LFS server?
> Have you tried a whip-round of our mirror hosts?
> > Then the mailinglists archives: I don't want to burden Jesse's box too
> > much (regenerating the mailinglist archives daily is very CPU and I/O
> > intensive and it also uses up a lot of bandwidth (currently 10
> > GB/month or something like that).
> as long as we keep the data - it'd be a crime to lose it!
> Post this to slashdot...

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