Shadowfax (LFS server) is in need for a new home

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Wed Oct 23 15:00:04 PDT 2002

Hi guys,

Shadowfax, the main server, is in trouble. Our current 
host VA Software will cease to provide colocation for the server at the end 
of this month (so that means 7 more days) because of reorganizations in their 
IT department. All free-colocated servers that are not part of the network will be unplugged and sent back to their respective 
owners. So that means in about two weeks I'll have the LFS server sitting at 
my house.

I will take the opportunity to rebuild the server, maybe do some hardware 
upgrades, but mainly put an LFS-CVS system on it. But then what...

As you can see, LFS needs a new home. We've tried contacting some ISPs but 
nothing worked out. Either we don't get a response at all, or a rejection.

When the server goes offline, LFS won't die. Jesse has offered his server as a 
backup. Email will keep going, including mailinglists, as well as CVS. The 
web and FTP sites will be offline but Jesse's apache listening to will contain the list of current mirrors we have so 
books and packages can still be downloaded. IRC too will keep going.

So, development of LFS will be impeded since Jesse's box has as a strict 
bandwidth limit (he gets charged when he goes over 10 GB/month, currently 
we're doing 23 GB/day so we need to cut down seriously, though cutting out 
FTP and HTTP will probably leave us with only a few dozen MB's a day. Email 
doesn't take all that much).

While LFS will be limping around a bit (pardon the pun) I'm requestion 
assistance from you LFS'ers. Is there anybody on this list who is able to 
co-locate the LFS server? I must point out that I don't make any money off 
LFS and personal funds aren't available to pay for it.

If a new home for the server can't be found, I'll probably fall back to using's servers for all the bandwidth intensive stuff. However 
colocation is of course preferred. It gives us a lot more freedom as how we 
implement LFS and what services we provide and how they are provided. For 
one, we'll probably have to get rid of the FTP archive because I currently 
don't have access to the FTP mirrors to make updates.

Then the mailinglists archives: I don't want to burden Jesse's box too much 
(regenerating the mailinglist archives daily is very CPU and I/O intensive 
and it also uses up a lot of bandwidth (currently 10 GB/month or something 
like that).

If you are able to make an offer, please contact me directly instead of using 
this list. It'll be quicker for me to go through personal email.

If you need details as to what kind of bandwidth the server is using when it's 
used in its current capacity, visit

You'll find the MRTG graphs in particular most useful, as well as the 
bandwidth stats. They give you the montly totals and the average contineous 
upload speed (our current annual average is 1400 Kbit/sec, though the last 
month it has been increasing to closer to 2500 to 3000 Kbit/sec)

Thanks guys,

Gerard Beekmans

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