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Anderson Lizardo lizardo at horizon.com.br
Fri Oct 18 16:03:05 PDT 2002

Matthias Benkmann wrote:
> I've worked as a tutor for computer science students in a Unix system
> programming course in C. And even among those students I don't think there
> were many who could have fixed even "simple" errors as you describe in
> someone else's code. And I mean *after* getting through the whole course
> successfully. Someone who can fix errors in C code after reading just a
> few patch explanations in the LFS book would have to be a Kwisatz Haderach
> of a coder.

Hey, I don't think so. Even error or warning messages of GCC can help in 
fixing codes. As I said in other mail, I'm not an expert in C/C++, but (I 
guess) I can fix "simple" errors, like those im libsmb (see attach). Maybe 
I'm not doing the "exact right" thing, but I think that someone who don't 
knows C or C++ deeply can fix "minor" bugs based on error messages or 

And I don't know Kwisatz Haderach ;-)

Anderson Lizardo
Linux User #253643
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