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Tushar T tush at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 15 13:45:06 PDT 2002

Gerard Beekmans wrote:

>I'm about 300 lfs-dev emails behind, so i'll try to catch up asap. This time 
>it was due to Thanksgiving. Me and my wife decided to go out to the lovely 
>mountains for a bit. I come back, hords of email.
Welcome back:) Don't be scared most of them are Grub Vs Lilo :-D

>I haven't read all the replies to this thread, but one I did read was that it 
>might be hard for us the editors to maintain two seperate books. Since if we 
>make a change to the stable book we should make that same change to the 
>unstable book to keep them in sync right? That way an unstable book can be 
>released a stable book later down the road easily since all the stable book 
>elements are already present. This ideally is done without us making the same 
>update twice in two directories.
The easiest way would be a different project say BleedingEdge LFS. Since 
it would mostly be used by hardcore LFSers, there is no need for many of 
the descriptive, dependency, and explanatory stuff. Just the core part 
of the book. Also, there is no need for any bug system since the mailing 
list (of course a seperate one as someone suggested) could double up as 
a bug tracking system.

>for the editors themselves. I'll think this through more thoroughly and give 
>a definite answer soon. In the mean while feel free to come up with your own 
>ideas how this can work nicely.
Tushar Teredesai
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