Suggested change to LFS bootscripts

DJ Lucas dj_me at
Tue Oct 15 11:38:41 PDT 2002

Okay...there was a little bit of discussion on this topic previously, which
we moved to blfs-dev for furthur testing.  Thus far I can neither find any
good arguments for or against this strictly regarding LFS other than it
seems logically incorrect to me even in the basic config, as sendsignals is
being run prior to the network script.  This suggestion was made previously
and promptly denied as I had no argument for the change.  Currently I still
have only one argument and that is beyond the scope of the base LFS.  Here
is a revised change request for the scripts in /etc/rc0.d and /etc/rc6.d.
This both maintains a cleanly look and all funcctionality for LFS and does
not affect the current state of the BLFS project.


For more info on the reasoning for the change see the following two threads.


DJ Lucas.

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