diskusage and 'gcc -s'

Archaic archaic at comcast.net
Mon Oct 14 20:14:02 PDT 2002

Well, I just finished an LFS-3.3 using the chapter separtation like
LFS-4.0. I wanted to keep track of the highest point in diskusage during
the scripted build. Not knowing a pretty way to do it I just ran:

df -h |grep hda2 >>diskusage && sleep 3 

continuously about a billion times. :) It worked, however dirty it is,
and I came up with 437MB as the high point (building the kernel). The
way I build is to use mount --bind and I delete the source prior to
building the next package to keep diskusage down and prevent re-using a
dirty source tree. If I put the tarballs on the LFS partition itself it
adds ~104 MB and if i assume LFS-4.0 is 30% larger, then 104 + 568 =
672. That's quite a savings now that we use export CC='gcc -s' and
perhaps the book should reflect the lower requirements? 

Also, if we don't export CXX='g++ -s' then GCC builds a lot of stuff not
stripped.  Groff uses CCC=g++ so for that we could also export or just:
make CCC='g++ -s' && make install. IIRC, someone already mentioned the
Bzip install in chapter 5 needed the -s manually added. Also, Bzip2 in
chapter 6 seems to ignore the fact that CC was exported. I got around
that by adding CC= to both the make -f Makefile-libbz2_so and make
commands. I'm rebuilding as we speak with a global export of CC, CXX,
and CCC to see how it goes, along with the manual passing of CC to
bzip2. I'll post the results as soon as I'm finished.


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