How to compile LFS with glibc-2.3

Tobias Stöckmann tai.stoeck at
Sun Oct 6 12:23:45 PDT 2002

And it works...
I have used LFS-4.0 as a base book:

Run everything as in chapter 05, but _DON'T_ apply gcc-3.2-nofixincludes-2.patch,
we _must_ have these include-files.

In chapter 6, compile glibc-2.3. After compiling glibc, patch your static/bash
# sed -e 's/nss/FOO/g' -e 's/libn/FOOB/g' /static/bin/bash >patched-bash 

Before compiling gcc-3.2, apply following patch on gcc:
During Stage3 compilation, gcc will stop with an error-message about following stuff:
"__ctype_toupper" "__ctype_tolower" "__ctype_b"
Find "ctype_noninline.h" and add following lines at the top of the file:
const int *__ctype_toupper;
const int *__ctype_tolower;
const unsigned short int *__ctype_b;
Finish your gcc-installation.
After finishing, run following command:
cp /static/lib/gcc-lib/<system>/3.2/include /usr/lib/gcc-lib/<system>/3.2/include

I know, this is a very dirty hack (especially gcc-3.2), but I think it would be usefull
for you to create real workarounds for this stuff.

Also don't forget to reenter chown after "fileutils" and "bash". "groff"-compilation
will have some segfaults, because "ls -L -l $1" won't work, but groff compiles...

My system now runs a -O optimized glibc-2.3.
Also you can't install Linux-PAM-0.77, it will segfault. If you are using such a 
linux-pam/shadow-mix, you can't set your password...

And that's it ;)
Hope this was usefull

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