uptime in procps-2.0.7

Ulrich Fahrenberg uli at math.auc.dk
Sun Oct 6 02:58:18 PDT 2002


I'm slowly working my way through 4.0-RC1 (I was hoping to be part of
the choir ``Yes, RC-1 worksforme'', but I'm too slow for this...), and
I just noticed that the procps package contains an uptime program
which (in a standard LFS install) overwrites the uptime from sh-utils!

The book fails to mention both that procps contains uptime, and that
sh-utils' uptime will be overwritten. But apart from that, these two
uptime's are rather different, and sh-utils' is the one I would

Interestingly sh-utils doesn't install a man page for uptime; procps
does. And info sh-utils contains no info on uptime neither...


Ulrich Fahrenberg -- http://www.math.auc.dk/~uli

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