Perl compile error - not yet resolved

dagmar at dagmar at
Tue Oct 1 14:45:05 PDT 2002

On Mon, 30 Sep 2002, Justin Hibbits wrote:

> > I'd suggest going back and rebuilding glibc, and this time follow the
> > instructions that come with either LFS or glibc itself _to the letter_
> > particularly with respect to _not_ messing around with forcing any
> > optimizations of any kind upon it.
> You do realize that Gerard wrote the book, don't you?  So, he WROTE the letter
> :)

Yeah, I recognized who it was.  =)  I've gotten burned SO(*) many times
trying to bully glibc and/or gcc into compiling just a _teeny_ bit better
that I've simply written them off to "life's too short" and no longer
attempt to second-guess what those packages are doing.   Considering how
often (especially lately) those two groups of developers have had to put
their heads together to solve issues between the two packages, I figure
that if there was any safe way to tweak those two, they'd have mentioned
it at some point.  I wasn't trying to offend Gerard, but I can't say I
didn't have a small grin on my face when I typed that _because_ he had
disregarded his own directions.

(* ...and by "SO" I mean literally _dozens_ of times over the course of
the last few years.  Some that show up immediately, and some that would be
sinister enough to wait until I was building something as far along as
Mozilla before things would start arcing and throwing out sparks.)

While I think that the LFS documentation is by far the best documentation
around for how to compile your own distro, the warnings about not
attempting to force CFLAGS & co. in those two sections won't be stern
enough for me until they involve great big red pusating exclamation points
at least 36-point in size.  ;)

Heck, half the time if you jump more than two minor revisions at a time
when upgrading glibc you get something mildly broken unless you know what
parts of gcc to twiddle (or which version to use), and sometimes, not even
that far.  The thing that eventually led me to this list was that I was
trying desperately to avoid doing the static build I was pretty certain
was going to be necessary because I was undoing the effects of installing
Slackware 8.1 just to check it out.

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