Reboot with new partition table

Seth W.Klein sk at
Sat Nov 23 06:52:46 PST 2002

Don Smith <don_smith at> wrote:
> I was breaking up my 30 GB /home partition and replacing it with an
> extended partition filled with 4GB partitions. The problem comes during
> reboot (since cfdisk refuses to read the new partition table until a
> reboot) when the fsck for /home failed because /dev/hda4 was no longer
> an ext2 filesystem.
> My system halts then partially reboots into a mode with no prompt
> available. I have to hit the reset button which then forces an fsck on
> all successfully mounted partitions.
> The correct action would be to drop into maintenance mode (init 1) so
> that the fstab could be fixed.

(Thanks for mentioning it on the list, BTW. Maybe if enough people
do, it will be fixed.)

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