destinyXi destinyxi at yahoo.ca
Fri Nov 15 22:19:38 PST 2002

 --- Esteban de Echevarría <kamael at ciudad.com.ar> wrote: 
> I don't know if somebody already asked for this, and I'm kinda new 
> to LFS itself, but I think that a way to use the
> /etc/rc.d/rc.local file to load commands maybe is needed in LFS...
  this is not nessissarily the best way to go about this.
> in my case i added this line to inittab:
> rc::bootwait:/etc/rc.d/rc.local
> so, now I can run setpci and linux_logo without making a bootscript for
> them...i find this rather useful for running simple commands at boot, so
> consider it, it's just a line ;)
  it's not that it won't work... the problem is that you're forcing load of
this for all runlevels.  this means that sometimes, perhaps, you may not get
your pre-requsites loaded.  this may not be a problem for minimal linux-es but
it depends on what you put into your rc.local
  this is NOT a good plan because newer people to linux may put something bad
into rc.local, forcing your single user mode to fail, and your linux system to
become unbootable, and useless.
  if you WANT to put it in your inittab  you may want to do something like:
  but a better thing would be to put a call to your rc.local in your rc.M
file... or whatever rc file you run when you go multiuser.


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