Sh-utils and shadow deps - possible bug report

Alexander E. Patrakov semzx at
Sun Nov 3 01:27:37 PST 2002

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I have already built LFS twice, but encountered the following problem while 

1) when compiling those packages exactly as described in the LFS book v. 4.0, 
everything seems to work correctly. But, I doubt that the instructions in the 
book are perfectly correct - see below.
2) when compiling cracklib and PAM just before shadow (but of course long 
after sh-utils) as described in pam+shadow+cracklib.txt, su refuses to work. 
The text of the error message contains words "module" and "sorry" (cannot 
reproduce it right now because the problem is solved) and is contained in the 
sources of PAM. This error can be avoided by recompiling sh-utils again after 

So, a relation "su depends on PAM" exists, but functions of PAM are not called 
from su directly. Most probably, they are called indirectly through functions 
declared in <shadow.h>. But the fact remains: su as compiled according to the 
book behaves differently in cases when shadow is compiled with PAM and 
without it. So, su depends on shadow. But it is built before shadow in the 
book! Is that correct? How is that circular (?) dependency resolved?

Alexander E. Patrakov

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