Latest glibc patch (was Re: GCC 3.1.1 is coming finally!)

DJ Lucas dj_me at
Sat Jul 27 11:28:16 PDT 2002

"Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee"  wrote in message
> btw, for everyone that's been making patch'es for contribution..
> split them up with filenames that describe exactly what they fix.
> try and make an "all-in-one" patch with the previous fixes, that's
> annoying.

My apologies, I just put the two patches I needed together.  Greg,
however has all the individual patches on his LFS Tweaks Page.  Much
thanks to him for finding and sorting through all of them.  Heck..I
don't even remember what the original patch was for.  Guess I need to go
through and take a look at it.


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