File Systems - Ext2, Ext3, Reiser FS

Andy Bennett andyjpb at
Sun Jul 21 15:08:13 PDT 2002


I am about to install Linux From Scratch on an 80GB disc and I wondered what
file system people would reccomend. Although the disc will be partitioned,
the partitions will still be large. Therefore I was considering a journalled
file system to prevent lengthy fscks. The disc is for use in my file server
at home. I have also purchased a Promise Ultra TX2 disc controller for it
and would appreciate some help in getting the pair to run as fast as
possible. My key questions are:

What are the major differences between Ext3 and Reiser FS?
Which one is more mature / stable?
How often is it necessary to run a full fsck on a journalled file system?
Is it worth considering ACL support?: I use samba on the server, so it might
be nice although support for ACLs is not very good in most other
What experiences have people had with these filesystems and what would they

Thanks for your time.


andyjpb at

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