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Sat Jul 20 12:03:31 PDT 2002

On Sat, 20 Jul 2002, Mark Hymers wrote:

> The only minor objection I have to this positioning is that we reordered
> the package list so that everything in Chapter 6 is compiled by the
> Chapter 6 compile of gcc.  Putting zlib in between them breaks this.
> OTOH I can't really see how we can avoid it - unless it's possible to
> install zlib in $static in chapter 5 so that gcc detects it during
> compilation (it'd have to be a shared library install obviously) and
> then make the package order glibc, gcc, zlib, the rest.

Why not just do glibc, zlib, gcc, zlib at the beginning of chapter 6?
zlib is a tiny package; it takes 20 seconds to compile on my p2, so most
people won't complain about added build time.  The final zlib is compiled
with the ch 6 gcc with little extra effort, and any gcc compilers that
need zlib can use it.

Option 2:
glibc, gcc-c, zlib, other gcc compilers.  Right after glibc is built,
configure gcc --enable-languages=c and build it.  Then build zlib, and
after that reconfigure gcc to build gcc-c++ and any compilers that need to
be linked against zlib (java is the only one I know of).  Again, you've
compiled zlib with your final version of gcc.  This might be more
confusing to first-time LFSers though.

My question is, what are the chances that ch 5 gcc will miscompile zlib
compared to the castrophe that would result if it did?  It doesn't seem to
me like this is worth being pedantic over, unless I'm missing something.

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