bash-2.05b & gettext-0.11.3

Craig Hurley sobit at
Wed Jul 17 15:47:07 PDT 2002

I figured that, but currently at work on win machine.  I checked
freshmeat <> * and
checked the ftp.  Concidering I cannot currently download the pkgs I
fingured that I would ask, concidering the the last few anouncements
like this included a changelog location. :)

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	Alas! Craig Hurley spake thus:
	> Anyone find a changelog?
	There's a changelog in the tarball. It's called 'CHANGES'. It's
	pedantic though, in one section it illustrates the changes
	2.05a-release/2.05b-alpha1, and then alpha1/beta1, then
beta1/beta2, etc
	etc. I don't think you'll find a simple "What's new in 2.05b
compared to
	2.05a?" anywhere.
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