Precompiled LFS

Chris Lingard chris at
Wed Jul 10 10:05:28 PDT 2002

Archaic wrote:

> On Wed, Jul 10, 2002 at 01:41:20PM +0200, quinte wrote:
>> why not give someone the decision... if he want to get fast a
>> precompiled chapter 5 (many LFSler would thanks) or learn more
>> about Linux itself.
> The decision to build LFS for the purpose of gaining control and
> learning the inner workings of Linux is the goal of the project. You
> are suggesting cutting 50% of that learning. This does that not meet
> the goal, and it's not really from scratch. Chapter 5 is very
> important for learning how the split is made and why it is made. If
> you really have a problem with compiling Chapter5, then just start
> with Chapter 6 on a new partition. It's not from scratch, but then
> again, neither are precompiled binaries.

I tried this about six months back, and I could not see how to get
it to be useful.

I built a chapter 5, static, bootable CD.  It had the book, commands
on it.  But what else do you need to make it functional?

You need lynx and gpm; but it would still be hard to start lynx, get
the right page, cut, stop lynx, paste.

I gave this up in the end; it was too painful.  I do a full, dynamic
bootable LFS that can install from scratch.

I would be against supplying tar balls, to make a static system.  If
you have a base distro, then use it and learn.  We could just put the
static LFS files on a CD, and chroot into it for chapter 6.  But what
is the point of this?

There is a danger that later LFS systems will become so modern, that
a lot of old distros will not build them; but we will have to solve
this when it happens


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