AW: gcc-3.1 defaults to -march=i386 ??

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Tue Jul 9 00:55:53 PDT 2002

i think it should be mentioned, but plz remember... some of us (including
me) still have got an i586...


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Yes its true.. if you don't pass any "-march=" flags to gcc-3.1
then your code gets compiled for i386!

If you don't believe me then try compiling hello.c like so:-

gcc -S -fverbose-asm hello.c

then have a look at the resultant hello.s

This contrasts markedly with gcc-2.95.x which, by default, compiles
for i586 but with the LFS patch, compiles for the default arch which
is i686 for the majority of LFS'ers.

Personally, I'm going to patch gcc-3.1 to compile for i686 by default.

Should the book be doing similar? Comments anyone?


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