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On Sun, Jan 13, 2002 at 12:20:45PM -0600, Jeff wrote:


> Sorry for the diatribe and thanks again to the helpful spirit that created
> this whole thing.

Thanks for the compliment.

My last comment on this thread (well unless I really have to reply again
I'd like to close it) is that the shadow password suite installation will
remain exactly where it is. Perhaps we can look into taking the current
shadow suite and fix it up for (most of) us non-pam users.

I think password shadow'ing is an essential part of the majority of systems
(there are always exceptions of course, but i'm talking about the vast
majority of systems here) and those will want to use password file
shadowing. Now the issue on group shadowing it's dubious. Not many people
would benefit from using it simply because most people don't need group
passwords (when you do use group password, you should shadow /etc/group but
to do it without using passwords is just a waste).

We could mention it's availability, but I doubt that's any good. There are
more things you should know about using group passwords before just using
it so one should really read the docs with the shadow package. And when you
read the docs you'll learn about other features of the package you may be
able to apply to your system. So any point of "if you mention one extra
thing you should mention them all" can be killed here before somebody can
reply on it.

Now, the issue on some kind of shadow hint. If somebody feels like writing
a "when not to use shadowed passwords" hint, go right ahead, write it,
submit it and it will be referenced on the page where you install shadow
passwords (like as the editors hints are mentioned, the grub hint, etc)

Gerard Beekmans

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