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That's exactly what I have to do with gcc.  One other thing you should 
really make sure to do is to add -mieee to your compilation options in 
everythingn but binutils, gcc, and glibc.  That was one of the most 
major things for me to get LFS to work.  It might even be important to 
add to the above packages, but I thought I'd try following the "don't do 
optimization" rule for those first.  The Alpha does not support certain 
parts of IEEE floating point, so if GCC doesn't emulate them in 
software, you will get lots of programs breaking.  I had one that was 
getting a floating point trap on a MULTIPLY by 0.  Go figure.  I've 
completed 3.1 at this point + lynx, iptables, and ncftp.  I'm using 
kernel 2.4.17, and I had a problem with hwclock in the util-linux 
package.  It was a parse error in asm/io.h, and I am going to use ntp 
anyway, so I just deleted it from the Makefile and skipped it.  One 
other thing you could add, since you are PC164 based is to use 
-mcpu=pca56.  Actually, here is what I'm using as an example:

-O2 -mieee -mcpu=pca56 -g


Alpha machine problem gcc-2.92.3 will not build in chapter 5

I fixed this by not adding the patch.

may be I have just f**ked my system up by not doing this.
but we will see how chapter 6 progresses.

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> Well it's good to hear that there's still some interest in Alphas out 
> there.  I had seen some mention of it in the archives, so I had hoped 
> some people would still be on the list.  Is there any chance the LFS 
> organizers would be interested in opening up a separate mailing list 
> cover Alpha specific discussion or maybe just a generic lfs-ports list 

> for all non X86 work?
> Chad
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> > I have installed LFS a couple of times on my Alpha PC164SX box with 
> > moderate success.  Given that RedHat is screwing us over with their
> > new arrangement with Compaq (there will be a 7.2 for Alpha, but it
> > will be customized for Compaq and only available preinstalled on new
> > Alphas), I'd like to try getting LFS to work better on Alpha, and
> > possibly make an Alpha centric distro based on LFS.  The other
> > alternative would be for me to switch over to Debian, which also has
> > an Alpha specific devel project.  However, I tend to like the build
> > it yourself idea of LFS and/or the idea of building a very compact
> > distro based on LFS that people could then use to set up their own
> > highly customized Linux install on an Alpha box.  Would anyone else
> > be interested in working on either a new branch of LFS for the
> > Alpha, or creating an Alpha distribution that would be based on LFS?
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