LFS-3.2-RC1 initial comments

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at swbell.net
Sun Feb 10 12:46:50 PST 2002

A few minor wording issues:

1.  In Chapt 5: "Install all software as an unprivileged user", the 
following wording seems awkward:

When your host distribution uses a glibc version older than 2.2.4, 
having $LC_ALL set to something else than "C" or "POSIX" while working 
through chapter 5 may cause trouble when you've exited the chrooted 
environment of chapter 6 and try to return to it. By setting this to 
"POSIX" ("C" is an alias for "POSIX") we ensure that everything will 
work as expected in the chrooted environment.

"when you've exited the chrooted environment" does not seem right.  I'd 
suggest "when you exit the chroot environment."  I don't think chroot is 
a verb. :)

Also in the last sentence, change chrooted to chroot.

2.  In "Why do we use static linking?"

In the second paragraph, the first word of the second sentence, "glibc" 
should be in fixed (times roman) font.  Also "contain" should be plural 
because it refers to glibc, not "major libraries".

In the third paragraph, "Statically Linked" should not be capitalized.

3.  In "Install all software as an unprivileged user", In the second to 
last sentence in the first paragraph, put quotes and commas around "lfs".

   -- Bruce

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