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| Phoenix-based ICM Telecommunications, Inc. (ICMH-NQB) has broken the
| price barrier, having just announced and published its unprecedented
| unlimited Flat Rate Program for home and business.  The industry has
| just gotten a major "wake-up" call from this little-known Arizona
| dynamo!
| The new Flat Rate Program allows unlimited long distance calls each
| month within the continental United States, twenty-four hours a day,
| seven days a week.  The cost for this service, a phenomenal value, is
| under $45 per month.  Company management is projecting gross sales for
| the current year 2002 at $83 million, which will be up significantly
| from 2001 for ICM Telecommunications (ICMH).
| Mr. Doug Hamby, CEO of ICM Telecommunications (ICMH), stated, "We are
| very excited to be able to offer this kind of service.  New software and
| hardware technologies have come a long way in the past year, which makes
| it possible to provide a full service, unlimited long-distance program
| at these rates. We anticipate very rapid expansion of our program as
| people take advantage of this money-saving service."
| In addition to Mr. Hamby, Mr. Dennis Sullivan has recently joined ICM as
| President and COO (Chief Operating Officer).  His expertise is in
| creation and implementation of sales and marketing plans, as well as
| structuring internal operations for acquisition.  Prior to joining ICMH,
| Sullivan was Senior Sales & Marketing Manager for Bell South Corporation
| in Honolulu, Hawaii.
| ICM Telecommunications is a specialized telecommunications company. 
| ICM's newly announced, unlimited flat rate program for residential and
| business has an almost unlimited potential for growth.  Utilizing the
| new flat rate program, the company is diligently pursuing the pre-paid
| unlimited phone card business, and has projected significant revenues
| and earnings from this source.
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| Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Forward-looking statements are based on
| current expectations and the current economic environment.  We caution
| the reader that such forward-looking statements are not guarantees of
| future performance. Unknown risk, uncertainties as well as other
| uncontrollable or unknown factors could cause actual results to
| materially differ from the results, performance, or expectations
| expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements.
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