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Gintautas gmlists at centras.lt
Sat Feb 2 13:50:58 PST 2002


Quite an interesting discussion is taking place, and I wanted to
express my opinion. Basically I agree with Seth W. Klein and I support
the idea of including the original vi. I believe it's a matter of
purity. ViM may be a widespread editor, but still it's a clone of the
original thing, and it's bloated. I think it's the 'vi' in its name
that made ViM go into the book. :-) There are lots of lightweight
clones of vi out there, but for some reason they were not chosen with
preference to a bigger program. That's not the LFS spirit. Minimal,
compact, fast, functional - that's it, and vi has it all. Whoops,
I guess I don't want to argue about the LFS objectives with the leader
of the project :-) Please do not be offended.

As a matter of fact I do use ViM sometimes, when I'm too lazy to run
midnight commander :-) but I wouldn't miss it one bit if it got
replaced by vi. I can count all vi commands I know on my fingers :-)
I'd say you include the original vi and make a hint for vim, just as
it is done for other useful extras.

License problems were also mentioned, but I'm not competent to talk
about them.

P.S. As someone pointed out, cron IMO is much more important to
include in LFS than ViM vs. vi.


 Constipation is the thief of time.

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