descriptions omitted from LFS book

Phil Howard phil-lfs-dev at
Fri Feb 1 23:49:08 PST 2002

The following list commands NOT described in the LFS 3.1 book in the
contents section of the respective packages.  Since I found that these
did get installed (some rather obvious) I decided to put together this
list to serve as a checklist if you want to make sure they are added
to the next LFS book.

NOTE: I have changed --prefix on many packages to suit my particular
customization, so the paths shown here, which are as I compiled them,
may not be where you will find them.  Of course the book doesn't give
paths for contents so it would seem to be moot, anyway.


Contents of gcc-2.95.3 (i686, obviously, in this case):

/usr/bin/g++ (hard link to usr/bin/c++)
/usr/bin/i686-pc-linux-gnu-gcc (hard link to usr/bin/gcc)

The following is also installed by gcc-2.95.3 but is subsequently
replaced by binutils-2.11.2.  IMHO, that should be mentioned.



Contents of gettext-0.10.40:



Contents of glibc-2.2.5 (executeables):



Contents of groff-1.17.2 contains:


And "grohtml" does not seem to be in the package anymore.
But my tests are not yet checking for described components
that are not found, so there could be more of those.


Contents of less-358:



Contents of man-1.5j:


Also, the book has references to "man-1.5i2" in a few places.


Contents of ncurses-5.2:



Contents of net-tools-1.60:



Contents of perl-5.6.1:



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