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Sat May 19 15:12:41 PDT 2001


I'm having troubles with the top program. The procps package compiled and
installed well, without any problems. But I can't manage to make top work. I
recompiled the package several times, tried to remove the optimizations (a.k.
-O2, -g, -fomit-pointer, ...). I also recompiled procinfo. I use procinfo 18
and procps-2.0.7. Every other program seems to work like it should, I mean
free, ps, uptime, ... I say seem because uptime always shows 0 users logged in,
what is not true.

When I type top, this is what happens. 
Nothig happens for half a second or so, like if top was collecting infos from
The screen is erased
The login is back i.e. "internet at office:~ $" and the font has turned bold (like
the font that is usually used at the top of 'top') and that's all. 
I don't get anymore. Also, the keyboard inputs are not shown. If I type
something I don't see anything but output work. for example, if I type
hello <enter>
All I get is "internet at office:~ $ hello: command not found"
I don't see what I type. and this keeps until I logout. Same behaviour in the
console as in an Xterm.

Does anyone have an idea? 


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