Network timing(?) problem in LFS, misses starting NFS/YP

Steve Bougerolle system at
Wed May 9 18:36:10 PDT 2001

I've got a persistent network bug that's proving hard to track down. 
Sometimes when the computer starts up it configures eth0 properly, then
can't or won't load NFS volumes or start YP.  The two init scripts for
those are next in the boot sequence.

After it boots, I can run ypbind or load the NFS volume just fine.  To
make matters even more strange, it sometimes loads only one of the two
NFS volumes.

This used to come up with our old Red Hat installation and always turned
out to be due to two machines in the network having the same IP address.
However, now we're running LFS and I've already combed the network for
duplicate addresses.  There are none, and the problem remains.  I suspect
the scripts run so quickly that NFS and YP are trying to set up while
ifconfig isn't finished, in some way - and I've had a bit of luck sticking
in a few seconds of sleep time after starting eth0.  Obviously, though,
this isn't ideal and I'd like to figure out exactly what's happening.


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