LFS 2.4.4 - Bad links

Simon Perreault nomis80 at videotron.ca
Sun Jan 28 06:59:36 PST 2001

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On Sunday 28 January 2001 09:10, Sanjuro Europa wrote:
> In Chapter 3 (Packages you need to download) their are 2 bad links to the
> patch files for Sysklogd and Sysklogd.
> They should link to the .patch.bz2 files instead of .patch
> Or put the patch files uncompressed on the FTP.

Chapter 2, section "How to install the software" tells you what to do when 
you have a file that ends in .tar.gz or in .tar.bz2. Maybe that's why so many 
people don't understand that you have to bunzip or gunzip the patch, since it 
is not tarred.

To Sanjuro:
The links are not bad, they assume that you have unzipped the patch, using 
this command:
for bz2 files: bunzip2 <file>
for gz files: gunzip <file>

To Gerard:
Maybe people need to know that patches or files that are not tarred also need 
to be unzipped. Then we could quote and say "RTFM". ;)

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