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Mon Jan 22 01:02:21 PST 2001

Am Montag, 22 Januar 2001 schrieben Sie:

>On Monday 22 January 2001 07:35, you wrote:
>> On Sunday 21 January 2001 22:16, you wrote:
>> > I would hate to see the "linux" list
>> > mistaken for being only for linux messages when in fact the list
>> > description mentions that it is for general chatter and non-
LFS posts.
>> >
>> >     John
>> I'd actually second that.  It would be kind of nice to see the 
old style
>> list where "even the price of beer" could be discussed.  However,
it seems
>> to me that such a thing could just as easily be taken to the LFS 
>> website (aka, which imho 
is the best
>> forum for such discussion.  In fact, such discussion is already 
going on
>> there. Anyhoo, I'm going to keep this short so this thread can 
die out
>> before Gerard switches the lists around, but I'm certainly not 
opposed to
>> such an option.
>> SCDrumline
>I'd have to third that one. Let's put the community. to more use....
>BTW can we come up with some shorter domain name please for me?
>My fingers can't stand it anymore... :) 

I have seen the  >> << is free!

>Might make the lists more "official" w/o moderation while allowing
>mindless chatter to occur, about whatever is floating our communities


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