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Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at highos.com
Fri Jan 19 23:26:20 PST 2001


(I really should just shutup and not post anymore, but i will, for
better or worse)

On Fri, Jan 19, 2001 at 11:47:38PM -0500, Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> This has nothing to do with being stuck up.

Dunno about that (no offense) but in my personal opinion some posters
were stuck up (but that's just my opinion, and unless things have
changed all that much around here, i'm allowed to say that, no? :)

> Ok I know the last days isn't somehting that's happening all the time.
> But there are explosions now and then. And believe me, it won't stop at
> this. LFS is growing, I'm even noticing it in the number of new
> subscribers daily.


Anyways, i agree with you on the most part, allthough, imho, it has more
todo with lack of knowledge.. alot of posters don't know where to post
or are confused with all the different LFS lists that are mentioned on
the website...

> In the end I think more people will benefit from the upcoming split than
> people who couldn't care less. It's then not hard to figure out what
> will happen (majority wins in this case).

uhh, isn't that _exactly_ what everyone said the last two times the
mailing lists where moved around?!?

When more lists where created so users could have a place more "suited"
to post on there topic, no one used the lists, and when they did they
(usually) posted with the wrong context, so then it was moved to a two
main mailing list setup, lfs-discuss and lfs-apps.. so far, imho, most
of the posts on lfs-discuss have been on topic (with the small exception
of this past while), so i see little reason to change anything.

If the mailing lists are to be moved around, why not lfs-discuss be the
general mailing lists, it seems more suited then for just the HOWTO or
book... LFS is not just a book anymore, there is a HUGE (and very fast)
growing community and several subprojects (Hints, ALFS, InfoSys, LFS
Community (if that even is a subproject), translations, etcetc), at
least with a list called lfs-book (or whatever) people would kinda get
the drift that the list is only for book related issues and anything
else should be moved somewhere else.

Dunno, having to tell users they are OT is bad enough, and for god sake,
if we have to police the mailing list to make sure users aren't OT...
then well..when that day comes, i'll be said to call myself an LFS'er.


> Lastly: this was not meant to hurt anybody's feelings, i realize i may
> sound harsh a bit and I apologize for that. No hard feelings, okay?

I have been a complete idiot in the last month or so, along with posting
alot of things i never should have, so i'll not bother to post anything
that is OT again if i can help it, and go back to "drone mode" of just
speaking up when there's a technical question ;)

There's only one think i can do now...

"Enjoy what you have at the present, don't bother with the past, and
strive for the future"

Sorry to all those i may have pissed off (as i know there are some i
have), there isn't anything i can do to change the past, except to make
the future better, so i'm going to shutup and as always just back Gerard
up with whatever he choices todo, perhaps i haven't made myself look
like a complete ass-hole this last while...

Jesse Tie Ten Quee - highos at highos dot com

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