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Gerard Beekmans gerard at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Jan 19 20:47:38 PST 2001

> Yo,
> On Fri, Jan 19, 2001 at 04:02:47PM -0600, Steve Jones wrote:
> > Lets not all get excited over a little surge in participation in the
> > lists.. The just got reorganized a little while ago.  In my opinion we
> > need to just ride out this week and see what happens.  My personal
> > archives go back to last june so I have been here a while and about once
> > month I have to post something so here goes.  Yall know membership goes
> > up and down all the time.  If we wait a while before doing something
> > radical like another reorg then I bet we will see another rash of
> > unsubscribe messages.
> Well said, leave the mailing lists alone, stop being so stuck up guys,
> two or three OT threads isn't going to kill anyone.
> PS, and neither is it all that much trouble for you to ignore them now
> is it? :) Yes i agree that those threads should not have happened in
> lfs-discuss but in lfs-apps, but that's too late,
> changing/adding/deleting/making mailinglists isn't going to solve the
> problem.

It's too late for those threads yes but if this can be prevented in the
future I would like to do so. We dont' all have the luxury of free local
phone calls and high speed internet to download all that mail, nor have
we all accounts on our ISP's to telnet or something into so we can
delete mail before downloading it.

The majority still pays by the minute for their Internet connection and
some pay good money for it. I can very well understand why those pepole
don't want to receive all this mail or start using news groups.

This has nothing to do with being stuck up.

As the maintainer of the lists I also have to think about the money it's
costing people to get these emails they don't want to read. Not
everybody has free local calls like we here in Canada and in the states.
In some countries you pay dearly for Internet connectivity and if you
get 100 emails a day off-topic but you still want to read the few other
emails that do interest you, that person is waiting and waiting on his
33K6 or 56K6 modem and pays by the minute which can be a total waste of

If we can direct the majority of the 'chatter' about whatnot to a list
dedicated for it and keep the more serious email that has much more to
do with LFS, it's bugs, it's problems, it's future in it's own list
where the volume isn't high, a lot of people will be happy. They don't
have to go through a lot of emails to get to the stuff they want.

Ok I know the last days isn't somehting that's happening all the time.
But there are explosions now and then. And believe me, it won't stop at
this. LFS is growing, I'm even noticing it in the number of new
subscribers daily.

In the end I think more people will benefit from the upcoming split than
people who couldn't care less. It's then not hard to figure out what
will happen (majority wins in this case).

Oh, just in case this reasoning isn't enough for anybody ;) I'm doing
the change anyways becuase it will make my lifer easier too. It won't be
as bad for me to miss a day or two in lfs-chatter. It's worse for me to
miss a day or two in lfs-discuss or lfs-misc or whatever list.

Lastly: this was not meant to hurt anybody's feelings, i realize i may
sound harsh a bit and I apologize for that. No hard feelings, okay?

Gerard Beekmans

-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-

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