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"Thomas T. Veldhouse" wrote:
> I think you will find that nobody subscribes to chatter, and perhap linux.
> Thus, when the subject comes up again, it will stay in discuss just as it
> has done this week.
> Tom Veldhouse
> veldy at veldy.net

but then you have a way to moderate it...

I understand what gerard is saying and I think that it will make the
lists a little bit better to read.  There's been a lot of off-topic
discussion lately.  Part of the reason is that it's not clear where one
item should go...

I like the chatter idea because it creates kind of a "catch-all" list
where anything goes.  Some people may not subscribe to it, but if an
off-topic message is sent, it can be sent to chatter and the sender can
be notified.  

I think many people will subscribe to it, though...

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