FW: About the extra mailinglist

Mike Hildebrandt mikehild at insight.org
Fri Jan 19 10:44:11 PST 2001

> lfs-apps is shutdown but in place of it will be lfs-problems
> (though the more
> I think about that name the less I like it. Perhaps retain
> the lfs-apps name
> is best in the end).
> To respond to your X/LFS advertisement:
> problems with X is for lfs-problems
> Should we advertise LFS is for lfs-chatter.
> so if you don't want the LFS advertisement don't subscribe to
> lfs-chatter. I
> don't see the problem there really.

Okay, that makes more sense.  My understanding from the original message was
that lfs-problems was just for stuff like "I can't compile fileutils in
chapter 5" and questions like "How do I get sshd working" were to go to

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