One-Partition-Hint: Answers? very funny...

Alexander Kloss Klossa at Stud-Mailer.Uni-Marburg.DE
Thu Jan 18 07:47:11 PST 2001

To keep that thread:
> > Good idea. But how do you call the chapters to be sure the newbies do
> > the right steps at the right place???
> Hmm, I don't know exactly, but I suppose the chapters have unique names,
> don't they?

Do you try to be bl**dy funny or what? Sure they got unique names. But
the hint is just a little text for giving an option to _use_ the LFS
book without having to make new partitions, OK? So it depends on this
book anyway. Whenever there's an update to the chapter numbers or names,
it would be easy to update the hint, too. My first answer was pure
sarcasm. Got the point?
> > I can't imagine what I should need the distro when I got LFS finished. I
> > could add any features I ever possibly would need. 
> I second this, I needed my old distro until I got a whole bunch of software
> installed.
I looked at this initrd feature. If you want to load the whole lfs.disk
file into a ram disk, you're more patient at boot-up than me. If you
want to use initrd anyway, you have to set up a initrd-file with only
the necessary things (e.g. w/o gcc, packers, editors, etc.). That's a
lot different from the LFS installation! And the result is a system
that's on a file handled through a loop device (that doesn't speed up
any operations, believe me). So the pure power and speed of lfs
(especially during the boot-up) is crippled.

But anyway, If I find out how to do this, I will make a section (how to
boot up the lfs.disk through initrd) in this Hint especially for you...
But don't expect I'll make this on the fly... this'll take a little
time, unless I get some help...


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