Stuck on step number one

jerry jdinardo at
Thu Jan 18 05:37:01 PST 2001

I have a disk where the ext2 partitions were created by a disk to disk
utility (I do not remember the name) . You can boot and run linux
without any problem. However "fdisk /dev/hda" puts fdisk in a loop
which continuously prints an error message.

cfdisk however has no problem with the disk.

I always preferred fdisk but now I use cfdisk exclusively . Even  the fdisk
man page says to use cfdisk because fdisk is "buggy".

> It's just that I really like fdisk.  It's done great things for me, whereas cfdisk has only annoyed.  And how, you ask?  It presumed to have a GUI.  I know that's low, but first impressions tend to stick.

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