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Wed Jan 17 05:14:51 PST 2001

: On Tue, 16 Jan 2001 20:09:14 +0100 (CET), Florin Boariu wrote:

>LFS for example is part of "people understanding linux", 

FWIW, computers and operating systems are not self-serving things. They
are meant to be used - by users who are not forced to understand Linux,
Windows, BeOS, MacOS.

Case in point, I'll be *using* LFS (or ALFS) once I find the time to get a
couple of tasks done. I have little interest in system administration or
system setup; the only thing that I care about is that it *works*. LFS is
to be the vehicle, the tool, that allows me to get Linux running in a
manageable setup, not with thousands of utility tools that will hardly
ever be required, but with exactly those tools and kernel patches that get
the job done - and done *exceedingly* well.

When I look at my current mini-office server which runs SuSE 7.0, I am
embarrassed at how much fluff there is, and how much more maintainable
this server would be if there was less stuff around. When I look at my
main development system (which also runs SuSE 7.0), I am embarrassed at
how much fluff is there - and how much useful stuff is missing there,
which I don't dare to add, because I don't know where it will break the
existing SuSE infrastructure.

LFS and Linux as a whole are (part of) solutions.

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