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Bryan Dumm bdumm at bobby.bcpub.com
Tue Jan 16 08:55:19 PST 2001

On Tuesday 16 January 2001 21:07, you wrote:

> > Tobias Phylosophias wrote:
> > What do you mean by crash ?
> >
> > I have used linux, and only linux, since 1996 and it never crash.
> > Sometimes applications crash, like netscape, or even X when using wine
> > couple of years ago, do you consider this as a linux crash ?
> My definition of a crash is a sitiation in with it is impossible to do
> anything useful with the computer exept for practicing your drum lessons on
> the ctr, alt and delete button, i.e. it *needs* a reboot.

read up on /usr/src/linux/Documentation/sysrq.txt 

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