leaving Linux

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at itreff.de
Tue Jan 16 08:36:20 PST 2001

+-Tan Siong Hua-(stsh at maxis.net.my)-[16.01.01 17:00]:
> Finally leaving Linux world after nearly 3 years of Linux experience, my
> conclusion on Linux is "Just asking for trouble", Linux is in no way
> comparable to Windows.

He is no troll...
He is right.

Linux is in no way comparable to Windows.
        - it is more stable
        - supports console & tab (which I love)
        - more network-compatible
        - open standards, no proprietary things
        - is FREE (not only the moneyi...)
        - ...

        - is different to photoshop
        - ... (see above)


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