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On Sun, Jan 14, 2001 at 10:09:40PM -0600, Andy Goth wrote:
> IPC: InterProcess Communication, not to be confused with those demon clowns.  Yeah, we're talking about the same IPC.  But if you're doing a backend in Perl, you almost certainly have a module for that, so there's no need to write C wrappers for use by bash, unless you have a Perl backend and a bash frontend. :^)

Sure, we could use standard IPC protocols...but something XML based
would be alot better (especially with XML Objects) and it would keep it
seperate so you just don't have a perl back-end, but you could have a
back-end in python, C, C++, Java or whatever :)

> > Why bother running FB then use X, i don't see the point in doing
> > that... adding twice as much memory for nothing.. :)
> Memory quality/reliability test?

dunno, adding X is wasting resources, imho..

> Since I know nothing of XML, it seems like a magic word that somehow solves everything.  What IS it?  eXtensible Markup Language <-- all I know!  Where can I see examples?

(ps, may go offline for a little bit, we are
restructuring CVS to handle more developers and better ACL for
subprojects, etc)

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