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Jack Detrick vze24938 at verizon.net
Sat Jan 13 21:10:53 PST 2001

Well, slap my face and call me Susan!
Oh, wait, you just did...
Look, I'm not ripping on distros in general--one of the main
things I was actually trying to say with the message was how much
better-designed a certain distro was than others.  Everyone has their
own opinions about it, and their own ideas of what that opinion is
worth.  I did not say in my message that ALL distros are total crap--I
very pointedly asserted that redhat 7.0 was.  Such a buggy distro
actually gives Linux a bad name--it's the windows of the distro world,
sacrificing stability and security for bleeding-edge software and pretty
The statement "after taking your bruises with a distro that at least
isn't _total_ crap" was made in the benefit of slackware and to the
insult of rh7.0.  It was exaggeration to make a point, and I never came
out saying that all the distros--each and every one, specifically--were
total crap.  Also, I'm not too fond of the idea of proofreading each of
my messages to make sure they're all PC and don't offend this or that
person.  I'm not exactly filling my messages with "411 d1s+r0s sux0rz,
LFS is l33+er +h4n j00!!!"

zach_hartley at ci866887-a.nash1.tn.home.com wrote:
> Seeing this type of message on the LFS list almost everyday,
> I have come to the following conclusions:
> People who use LFS are control-freaks with /alot/ of time
> to putz around with stuff that nobody else gives a crap about.
> Please do not take this as an insult because I am one of these
> control-freaks who spends (and is as we speak) way to much
> time doing this. While many people say that they're sick of how
> RedHat, Mandrake, et al. set up things improperly and are "total
> crap", I think many of them do not realize how truly useful and
> well designed most distributions are. Also, I think many people
> who  are of do not take the time to learn things, or adjust and
> simply lash out against things that don't work. Anyway, now that
> I'm done rambling, I'll get back to wasting my time compiling
> glibc-2.2 ^_^
> Zach
With no walls or fences on the internet, who needs Windows or Gates?

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