Mike Hildebrandt mikehild at insight.org
Fri Jan 12 08:44:59 PST 2001

> > As I notice that there's lots of questions that seem to get
> asked over and
> > over by new LFSers, has any thought been given to having
> some sort of FAQ
> > on the LFS web site?
> What kind of questions are you talking about? Examples
> please. Do you mean
> "frequently encountered problems"?

Yes, that's probably a more accurate name.

I mean things like "Q: I get error x when compiling. A: Make sure you have
the gcc symlinks" or "Q: Program x gives me a segmentation fault. A:
Recompile it with a lower optimization" or "Q: Modprobe says it can't find
net-pf-9. A: Add this line to /etc/modules", etc.

And there's other similar problems that seem to pop up regularly.

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