chroot problem...

Daniel Wilcox disabled at
Thu Jan 11 13:02:08 PST 2001

ok i double checked my problem (found it once killed the install and did it
again), when i chroot into the lfs environment, it does not recognize me
root (it just doesn't know who i am and tells me to piss off).  i copied
entries of the group, and .bash_profile via gpm, so there is little room
error (or so i think).  i was wondering if there was something else that
needed to be setup, another script file or something.

pentium 233 with 32 megs dram with onboard video
using suse 6.3 to do the lfs install
and aside from writing a script to do all the installing up till chroot
environment, nothing strange (i only had the script on the later install,
didn't have it on the earlier install, so i don't think that it is the
source of the problem).

and help would be appreciated.

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