Local + external mail delivery + cron

Chris.Smith at raytheon.co.uk Chris.Smith at raytheon.co.uk
Thu Jan 11 07:14:04 PST 2001


Has anyone configured proper local+external mail delivery with
sendmail or qmail yet?  I'm stuck about where to start there :(
As far as mail goes I'm braindead.

I just need a basic sendmail set up for all users with local
delivery via procmail or something.  I will be pulling mail down
with fetchmail which I have waiting to be compiled but I know
absolutely diddly-squat about mail unfortunately.

Also, shouldn't we have mail and cron in the main book (or at
least the hints for mail as crons already there) anyway as
it's pretty much essential for even the smallest system these
days?  Setting updatedb to run nightly via cron would be a good
lesson on integration of components too :)  I'll write the
mail hint if someone shows me how to do it!

I'm about 8 packages away from turning SuSE 7 into a scratch
disk now ;))


- Chris.

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