Richard Lightman richard at
Wed Jan 10 12:27:41 PST 2001

Misquoted from Matthias Benkmann on 2001/01/ 9 at 23:54 +0000:
> > Hi..
> > 
> > This is a pretty stupid question, but i'm sure I saw in my LFS-discuss
> > dir a mail about some installer watching prog (like instllshield) but I
> > couldn't find it after reading all thread-titles twice... Has anyone a
> > hint about this???
> Why do you need a special program?
> How about
> find / -type d -exec ls -la \{\} \; >/tmp/before.list
> do installation
> find / -type d -exec ls -la \{\} \; >/tmp/after.list
> diff before.list after.list

There is no need to diff, and you can select some directories to kill.
You will need some file created shortly before the install starts. In
this example I have used the package build directory.

find . \( -path ./dev -o -path ./proc -o -path ./usr/src \) -prune -o '!'\
   -type d -newer /usr/src/package -fprintf /var/log/intall/package '/%P\n'


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