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Brad Haladay haladay at ixc.net
Mon Jan 8 10:56:44 PST 2001

In LFS 6.6.3 Command Explanations it says the following:

sed "s/# 9/9/" MAKEDEV >/dev/MAKEDEV: By default the Makedev script only 
creates the hda1-hda8 and hdb1-hdb8 devices. By replacing "# 9" by "9"'s in 
the MAKEDEV script, it will create hda1-hda20, hdb1-hdb20 and possible 
others (like hdc and hdd)

I have a scsi system & I currently have up to sda16 & sdb16 but when I try 
to mount sda16 & sdb16 I get mount errors, so I had seen in some resource 
some where to check the devices.txt in the kernel source.  When I did I 
found that for hd & sd it only supports 0-15 partitions.  So if you had up 
to 20 as it states 16-20 would not work as my 2 16's don't & my 17 doesn't 

Is there anyway to get around that kernel limitation to get partitions 16 & 
above mounted on a scsi system ?

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