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> another thing though... how does this "multi pass" thing work?
> i occasionally dabble in writing ridiculously stupid math-problem programs
> in C and always wondered how I could get get say... a 64 bit integer or
> 128bit float ... or higher (there was one encryption program which i got in
> the works which used 512 bit... but i couldnt work out how)
> i guess what i'm trying to find out is *how* can one go about using larger
> numbers than the processor can handle in one pass under C... newbie needing
> help alert!!! :P

Check out GMP, a library for big numbers. If you want to understand how to do
it yourself, the best way is to get a pen and paper and work out how you'd do 8
bit maths with 4 bit registers. This is probably the wrong place to go into
much more detail on that though.

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