A Couple of Questions Before I Begin

E. Bruce Lynn, II eblynn2 at mindspring.com
Mon Aug 27 07:12:58 PDT 2001

I currently have Win 98SE, and SuSE 7.2 personal edition installed on
my box-P II 350 256 MG RAM, 10 GB WD IDE hard drive, AOpen MB, and
HP 9500 series CD-RW.  Currently booting with LILO in the MBR.  Also
I am using ReiserFS for SuSE.

SuSE has a small boot partition in addition to the Swap and ReiserFS.
Will I be able to all three OS's while keeping LILO in the MBR?

Also, and this might be more of a SuSE question, but previously when
I was running SuSE, Win 98, and Slack, I would frequently not be able
to boot Suse properly, after installing Slack which I installed last.
It seemed to me that the small /boot partition did not like it when I
used Partition Magic to resize SuSE's ext2 partition to make room for
Slack even though I was just in effect reducing the free space at the
end of the ext2 partition.  Is there some was that I can keep this 
from happening if I create a partition for LFS at the end of the 
SuSE ReiserFS partition, and will I be able to resize this partition
reasonably easily?  I don't really understand setting partition size
by cylinders as compared to MB's.

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