Can't compile Nautilus from CVS

Michael Kraul Michael.Kraul at
Wed Aug 22 08:19:32 PDT 2001

Hello ,

i can not compile the nautilus version from CVS

this is the error message:

Makefile:638: ***Fehlendes Trennzeichen.. Schluss.

this is the Makefile


install uninstall-am uninstall all-redirect all-am all installdirs-am \
installdirs mostlyclean-generic distclean-generic clean-generic \
maintainer-clean-generic clean mostlyclean distclean maintainer-clean

-->  Zeile 638 @XML_I18N_MERGE_DESKTOP_RULE@ Makefile
    sed -e 's?\@NAUTILUS_LIBDIR\@?$(NAUTILUS_LIBDIR)?g' \
        -e 's?\@VERSION\@?$(VERSION)?g' \
        -e 's?\@NAUTILUS_LIBS\@?$(NAUTILUS_LIBS)?g' \


what is wrong??

Bye Michael                          mailto:michael.kraul at


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