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               Compiling Ghostscript Versions 5.10, 6.5 and 7.0
   Note: Compiling version 7.0 works just the same like 6.5
   Here are some instructions, that will help you to compile ghostscript
Table of contents

    1. Compiling Ghostscript Versions 5.10, 6.5 and 7.0
    2. Packages, you will need:
    3. Extracting Ghostscript
    4. Unpacking everything else
    5. Preparing the makefile
    6. Compiling and installing
Packages, you will need:

   Either ghostscript-5.10 if you are planning to use that version

   or ghostscript-6.5 if you are planning to use that version

   one of the latest jpeg-library-distributions (I used jpeg.src.v6b)
   one of the latest zlib-distribution (I used zlib-1.1.3)
   one of the latest libpng-distributions (I used libpng-1.0.10)

Extracting Ghostscript

   Extract ghostscript and change to the top-level-directory of the
   distribution. If you use version 5.10 you will find all the source
   files in that directory. Users of vesion 6.5 will find subdirectories
   there, containing the sources, libraries etc.
   Skip the next step only if you use version 5.10
   Copy the file src/unix-gcc.mak to the current directory (which should
   be gs6.5)
Unpacking everything else

   Stay in the top-level-dir of the gs-Distribution and extract the
   zlib-package. This creates a directory named 'zlib-1.1.3'. Rename
   directory to 'zlib' (or make a symlink).
   Extract jpegsrc.v6b.tar.gz and rename the jpeg-6b-directory to 'jpeg'
   (or make a symlink).
   Extract libpng-1.0.10.tar.gz and move the libpng-1.0.10-directory to
   libpng (or - guess, what - make a symlink).
Preparing the makefile

   create the file 'changes.sed', containing the following lines:
    w Makefile

   Now create the Makefile, by running the following command:
    sed -n -f changes.sed unix-gcc.mak

Compiling and installing

   Now, you should be ready to compile the whole thing. Just run:
    make &&
    make install

   You are done.
   Or at least, you should be done. If not - I do apologise...


And those who are interested will find a gzipped html-version of this

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