Keyboard mapping and stripped libraries

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Tue Apr 10 11:18:07 PDT 2001


I have a German keyboard and built a lfs 2.4.4
My problem is that I can't print and ä, ö, ü or even é, è, ê on the console
whereas on my actual SuSE system I can. When I push the button nothing happens.
I have the consoletools 0.3.3 and consoledata 1999.08.29. I load the keymap
Also when I press delete it either prints a ~ or acts like backspace if I have
started fix_bs_and_del daemon and not as delete should be.
Does anyone have a hint for me? 

Also I have a question about stripping libraries. In the preface of lfs, it's
said that binairies can be stripped with the command strip. How about
libraries... Let's say glibc? Does it act on the same way? It's also question
of not compiling the debug symbols at all, but there's not told how to do this.
Which flag do I have to pass to gcc to tell it not to build the debug symbols? 
What about debugging after having stripped glibc? Will I still be able to debug
programs compiled with debugging symbols? 

Would be nice if someone could help me understanding. 



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