configure scripts hang in chrooted environment

Neoklis kneoklis at
Thu Sep 21 08:03:12 PDT 2000


I have install the statically-linked packages in $LFS and since
I have difficulties compiling gcc on my Alpha box, I managed to
install gcc, g++ and libc binaries from Debian potato into $LFS.
I can chroot succesfully (so it seems!) into $LFS but although 
gcc and g++ respond to --version as a quick test, when I try to 
run configure scripts, at the point of testing gcc -O3 ... the 
script seems to stop although there is continued activity on the
disk which is hard to stop even with ctrl C. 

It may be that since I have installed precompiled binaries for
libc and gcc, there may be missing files or other reasons for
causing this problem. Any ideas please?

Thanks in advance!


Neoklis Kyriazis

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